We are a leading manufacturer of preparations for dry disinfection of livestock breeding facilities and a well-established and recognized manufacturer of acidifiers, and other complementary mixtures for various species and livestock technological groups

    Since 2007, the JHJ Sp. z o.o. company has been a part of the NUTRIBIOMED nutritional, biotechnological and biomedical cluster,and since 2010 JHJ focuses on collaboration with research centres aiming to create a Polish probiotic for animal feeding purposes. Through this cooperation it was possible to select very promising strains of lactic acid bacterial that exhibit strong probiotic and antagonistic effect on pathogens and a detoxifying effect, what is an announcement of creating an innovative feed additive. In the scope of cooperation with universities, the employees of JHJ take part in internships and trainings within the framework of the program of knowledge transfer between research institutions and enterprises. JHJ company, together with research centres, is involved in innovative research projects, among others in the Applied Research Program carried out at the National Centre for Research and Development.

    Extensive knowledge, modern technology and close cooperation with renowned research centres allows us to provide innovative and high quality products. In this way we are able to fully satisfy the expectations of our customers and meet the requirements of European standards.

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